A majority of people agree that Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) embodies what a hemp oil product should be all about, including those that have been used for medicinal reasons. RSHO possesses the essential benefits of hemp oil, due to its high CBD content and lack of psychoactive properties. These are things that a majority of medicinal CBD users are wary of when purchasing hemp oils.

Location and Cultivation

RHSO is a non-GMO and full spectrum CBD oil product. It’s primarily grown in the micro-climate of northern Europe. It involves no herbicides, pesticides, or chemically-altered fertilizers. RHSO is heavily dependent on centuries-old cultivation practice and monitored by EU regulations that ensure pure hemp oil production. The product meets all U.S. federal requirements, which means they can be imported within the country.

Subsidiaries and Partnership

RHSO has been developed and distributed via subsidiaries of Medical Marijuana, Inc. In particular, HempMeds is the core player throughout the process.

In case you’re not aware, Medical Marijuana, Inc. is one of the biggest public-owned business (also listed in the stock exchange) with a huge interest in the hemp market both in the United States and other countries. They’ve bought a dozen hemp companies into their domain via partnerships and financial acquisitions.

This is actually in the same line of their mission: to acquire the necessary resources, skills, strategies, capital, and workers for creating healthy hemp items comparable to that of RHSO, while meeting consumer needs. As a matter of fact, each step in making their hemp oil products are strictly monitored.

Process and Creation

It all begins from seeds planted by the farmers. The manufacturer ensures that what they harvest are of high quality. They do all this by means of research and testing. It’s through their labs that other tests, innovations, and inventions of hemp products are made.

In fact, the manufacturer encourages farmers to carry out approved organic farming practices with minimal or no chemical fertilizers/products while curbing the use of genetically-tampered seeds. They only utilize breed selection for protecting their crops from diseases and pests.

Climate Conditions and Farmer Selection

The next step involves identifying ideal climate locations with the right soil type for growing hemp. This is a serious matter since quality seeds will only grow well in a certain climate and soil. It’s also in their policy to seek experienced and knowledgeable farmers who are capable of growing hemp and achieving quality standards for RHSO.

Other Positive Aspects

Unlike a majority of products in the market which claim to have been extracted from hemp, RHSO is sourced with standard markings that also includes a certificate of authentic analysis. The product, with under 1% of THC content, is the lowest in the medicinal Cannabis market. But fortunately, it boasts higher CBD traces than your typical CBD product.

CBD is one component of hemp responsible for curing and managing medical conditions like joint pain, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis.

Blue Label RSHO

The Blue Label RHSO is a pure hemp oil product consisting of anywhere between 15% and 18% of CBD. Other than being registered by the FDA, every batch is independently tested for quality verification and fitness for use. Furthermore, for every Blue Label purchased comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Gold Label RSHO

The Gold Label RHSO is a CBD-concentrated hemp oil item that many users find highly effective. All you need is a small amount to achieve the desired effect. Similar to its Blue Label sibling, the Gold Label has also been rigorously tested and garnered approval by the FDA.

Quality and Availability

Nowadays, hemp oil consumers all over the world have put faith and relied on RHSO as a standard, quality, and natural CBD delivered to them in the U.S. and over 40 countries globally. If you want to achieve the best hemp oil quality possible, then it’s recommended to give RHSO a try.

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