Dixie Botanical’s Cannabidiol (CBD) Pills consists of over 80 CBDs found within the plant itself. CBD pills have many benefits as they’ve been proven to relieve inflammation, nausea, and anxiety. They’ve been widely accepted as an alternative to pharmaceutical meds. They’re simple to ingest, possesses no foul taste, and are very potent. They’re ideal for CBD users seeking a convenient yet powerful solution to increase their daily intake.

Choosing Cannabidiol Pills

Dixie Botanicals is considered to be one of several leaders in CBD product distribution. Their CBD pills possess a large dose of quality Cannabidiol. If you’re gung-ho for a higher dosage without going through any tincture, then you’ll need to give the pills a try. Every pill has 25mg of CBDs — a lot higher than most CBD vaporizers and tinctures in today’s market.


The pills themselves have a wide range of benefits for every user. These include:

  • Alleviating social anxiety
  • Therapeutic form of treatment
  • Enhanced tolerance to pain
  • Simple intake
  • Immediate effect
  • Improves alertness
  • Improves wakefulness

Using the Pills

These CBD pills functions like that of any other pill. Have it placed the back end of your tongue, sip it with water, have your head tilted back, and swallow. Since they’re tasteless, you won’t be dealing with any aftertaste after swallowing.

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