A majority of CBD hemp oil pastels or oils used nowadays tend to have a strong taste with poor body absorption. The company behind the RedStrap CBD in Olive Oil, have made use of its proprietary in-house technologies that target such issues, thereby improving the oil in terms of taste, body absorption, and bioavailability.

CBD Hemp Oil Source and Characteristics

The RedStrap oil is basically infused with cold-pressed, and organic olive oil. The oil itself has sourced either Italy or Spain. According to the analysis done on the product’s CBD content, 250mg of CBD traces are detected within the olive oil. Olive oils are known to possess high oleic levels. The oil extracted came from the initial pressing of olives, where it’s left in its biological and unrefined state. Vitamin E has also been added, which acts both as nutrient and natural preservative.

The RedStrap CBR Hemp Oil consists of 70% CBD including a plethora of beneficial Cannabinoids without resins, waxes, and unnecessary matter. This results to a clean, tasty, and high bioavailable CBD product.

Creating this product involved meticulous extraction, filtration, and dewaxing processes that led to its preservation of essential and natural ingredients.

Essentially, the final product at hand is a delicious and beautiful gold-colored oil with a hint of subtle olive oil taste and aroma.

Dosage and Availability

The oil can be ingested by oral means. This involves using a dropper where drops of the product are placed under your tongue. Or you can freely include the oil in your favorite salad or beverage of choice. Peak absorption will range from around one to two hours after direct intake. If you want to hasten and makes the most of CBD, consider including a CBD “chaser” to your CBD hemp oil regimen such as the Nano CBD Chaser.

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