To add to the direct intake of medical cannabis, “dabbing,” and “vaping” via pen vape is just two ways to successfully administer a dose from an extract. Dabbing is basically a cannabis concentrate heated on a hot surface that’s immediately inhaled. It’s a quick, potent, and highly efficient method. But the method and materials involved —- and at some point, its effects — aren’t as pleasurable for a lot of people.

An appealing method is available by making use of a vaporizer or vape pen. It appears and works similar to an e-cigarette except it lets the user stash their own herbs, wax concentrates, or oil. A heating material heats up the concentrate or herbs between 350 degrees to 400 degrees prior to reaching the point of combustion. Such lowered heating level creates a clean vapor consisting of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes —- without involving dangerous irritants associated with burning.

Pen Vape Benefits

Vape pens have a plethora of benefits. They provide quick and effective relief to the user while ensuring proper blood levels. Since it has highly potent concentrated, a little bit of it can actually help you go a long way, and users can control how much they want to take in. The biggest advantage of vaping is that it’s a far less dangerous alternative since the inhaled vapor has no toxins or cancer-promoting residue, not harmful to the lungs, and doesn’t emit second-hand smoke.

Most studies side by the efficacy and safety of vaporizers as delivery mediums for delivering cannabinoids for medical reasons.

Aside from its health benefits, there’s also a positive social aspect to handling a vape pen. It’s compact, discreet, and easy to use. Since they appear like normal pens and only create small vapors without emitting an odor, anyone can use them anywhere and anytime. They can easily be plugged into a PC for charging, and can remain charged for extended periods.

Pure Cannabis Oil for Vape Pens

With the discretion, strength, and convenience that a pen vape can offer, it’s no wonder there’s a huge demand from medicinal and recreational cannabis users. For patients who depend on it for medical reasons, it’s a device that can change lives.

Trusted manufacturers today sell concentrates made for vape pens with high standards in terms of quality and safety. A majority make use organic and food-based ethanol during the extraction process and test the concentrate to ensure zero solvent residue in the end product. The extracts made are pure and the same time, tasty.

Currently, only a few providers provide quality medicinal cannabis for vape pens. For certain medical conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease; vaping by means of a pen vape is sufficient, eradicating the need for immediate ingestion.

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