Just recently, medical studies show that the use of CBD oil in epileptic patients may have a positive and measurable effect in minimizing symptoms and seizures in terms of intensity and frequency.

These studies are essential since they compared the effects of CBD oil on patients with epilepsy to that of healthy individuals, which offer a concise picture of how CBD influences seizure occurrences. But we should remember that the precise process in which CBD prevents epileptic seizures isn’t fully understood.

The latest development on CBD oil on epilepsy and other neurological illnesses that trigger seizures has gathered significant interest in the past several years, with numerous studies looking into the potential of CBD to treating such medical conditions.

Human Trials Under way

While a majority of studies on the effects of CBD oil against seizures and epilepsy have been carried out on animals and in vitro (tests made within test tubes as opposed to actual animals). FDA-sanctioned trials on humans are already under-way. They will determine as to whether or CBD is effective in treating epileptic children.

Promising Results

At this point, initial tests look very promising. But scientists are still hesitant in terms of CBD oil’s potential to completely take over or replace today’s known anti-epileptic medications made for patients or those experiencing long-term seizures.

Also, latest studies on epileptic children have indicated active CBD effects for treating treatment-resistant epilepsy, in particular for those suffering from Dragnet’s Syndrome, which trigger epileptic seizures in children. Such findings are essential since treatment-resistant epileptic individuals are too weak to response or aren’t at all into anti-epileptic meeds.

More Research Needed

If CBD is effective in dealing with treatment-resistant epilepsy as indicated in preliminary studies, then it has the potential to be more valuable than what’s being offered in today’s anti-seizure medications. However, more research on CBD oil will be required to solidify the findings.

Since treating children with medicine is a delicate issue, scientists are urging caution and recommending patients’ families to be thorough when it comes to exploring new treatments such as CBD oils for their child.

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