It’s widely known that the active main ingredients in natural remedies such as that of terpenes essential oils can be improved via interaction with secondary compounds. Certain secondary compounds have a tendency to craft a synergy that enhances the entire efficacy of the remedy. There are others that help mitigate potential adverse effects, also called the entourage effect.”

Research studies show that such principle can also be applicable to cannabis. Specific secondary compounds naturally found in cannabis, like that of terpenes, can improve the effects of the THC and CBD ingredients, especially those described for medical treatment.

Research studies have proven how terpenes possess unique medicinal effects that could contribute to the entourage effects of medical cannabis extracts.

Terpenes Essential Oils: Defining Terpenes and Terpenoids

Terpenes belong to hydrocarbons (a group of organic compounds) made by plant variants. Every cannabis plant may have a dozen or so terpenes. The unique mixture of different terpenes aids in differentiating a cannabis strain from the other and may vary with soil and/or temperature changes from where it’s grown.

The individual set of terpenes found in every strain may provide a set of benefits ranging from improved circulation and increased neurological functions to cell permeability alterations. Furthermore, it’s the terpenes that give cannabis its signature taste and scent.

This time around, the terminology of “terpene” and “terpenoid” have been interchangeably used. But there are noticeable differences: terpenoids are terpenes consisting of added functional classes. They could also refer to chemically-modified terpenes to create a desirable effect.

Terpenes essential oils terpenoids are theorized to enhance the cortical process and cerebral blood flow activity, minimize respiratory pathogens and anti-inflammation properties.

Preservation of Terpenes Essential Oils

The plethora of benefits seen in the entourage effect can dissipate during cannabis plant processing if not cared for diligently. Several manufacturers nowadays go to extreme measures to make sure high concentrations of health-benefitting compounds extracted from the plant remain intact within the final product. As a matter of fact, terpenes essential oils is a big reason why a majority of cannabis patients find medicinal cannabis products taste worthy.

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